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From: $375.00 / month

  • My goal with this service is to give every member the tools to trade professionally. I’ll show you how I use time, price, volume, tape, options chains, and more, to catch the best setups, with the best entries, with the best targets, that get hit consistently. To trade systematically, like a computer. I’ll share with you, almost daily, every part of my process. In the morning in pre-market, during the trading session, and after the close. We go over trades a few times a week together as a group. This will catch your mistakes quickly so you can correct them quickly, so we can train your brain to trade like a computer. Dissecting and correcting errors quickly, daily, will speed the learning curve 10-fold. It won’t be long, and you’ll be reading the market with confidence, trading with confidence as your entries hold and your targets are reached.
  • We meet over the weekend also, to review performance from the week prior, find the big money footprints, and plan any trades that are setting up for the week. My goal is to get every program member to their sweet spot, finding the best possible stats we can find for each member. I’ll show you all my tools for spotting the algos, and making some incredibly accurate predictions around them to catch the monster moves. You’ll have a place to post your video daily recaps to get feedback from Smash and other members, watch other members’ recaps and provide feedback if desired. Everything is recorded and posted, so if you miss, you can watch it later.
  • Every Pro Trader payment made will be applied to the lifetime market masters membership. After the $4500 has been paid out, you’ll be a lifetime member and never pay another dime.
  • Save by signing up for the one-time fee, Market Masters Lifetime Membership, and get all the pro-trader content plus additional downloads, including trading bots and our model.


  • Daily Meetings
    • Pre-market meeting, where members layout trade plans to get feedback and others perspective
    • Daily Recap meeting we review trades, analyze market, tickers and setups.
    • At the close of every month that does not fall on a weekend, we will extend our daily recap to look at monthly charts and use our tools to spot potential large moves setting up
    • All meetings are recorded and posted on site.


  • Weekly Meetings
    • Meet weekly over the weekend to review stats, plan for improvement, find weekly setups and plan trades around them.
    • All meetings are recorded and posted on site.


  • Private Coaching Sessions
    • Not likely that you will need these, as you will be talking to him daily. However, you can schedule additional coaching sessions with Smash.
    • These are recorded and posted as private so no one can access but you.


  • Video Library
    • Pro Trader video library has additional content with in-depth lessons on:
      • Trading psychology, Reading order flow, Volume POC, Time.
      • Using option data, volume, Smash’s model, and other tools to find the algos and follow the big money with incredible accuracy.
    • Video Blog
      • Pre-Market Meeting – all recordings are in here
      • Live Trading – every session is recorded and posted daily so you can review later if you miss.
      • Daily Recap Meeting – all recordings are in here
      • Weekly meeting – all recordings are in here
      • Pro Trader Blog – Collection of Pro Trader and Master’s Content


  • Pro Trader Toolbox –  Downloadable Content
    • Risk Profile Template
    • Smash’s Model fully automated for Tradestation
    • Smash’s Model partially automated for TOS and Tradingview, You will just have to enter a few prices or copy the spreadsheet posted weekly
    • Setup your Tradestation fast by downloading Smash’s desk top and workstation files
    • Additional custom studies for Tradestation and Others are updated as completed



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