Tradervue Review

The only way to become great at this business is to be brutally honest with ourselves. The hard truth is that we are trading against ourselves and the only way to truly know whats working and what isn’t, is to track every trade. I have tried about every tracking tool offered. With all of the time saving and tracking features built into tradervue, it is hands down the best I’ve ever used.

Quick and easy imports. Journal view lets you view it and edit it like a daily journal. Trades view allows action and edits on multiple trades and once. Create your own tags to track your setups and catalysts. Powerful search tool with logical operators, such as AND OR NOT, to view only specific setups with specific catalysts or a number of different ways and combinations. It has all my personal favorite tracking data to gauge my progress such as win rate and profit factor. Powerful reports with stats and graphics. See your trades by instrument, day, time of day and more.

Silver members or higher have access to a very powerful mentor tool. It allows them to have a mentor view their trades. I use this feature with all my members that request to see my trades. They get an invite to be my mentor and this give them access to view all of my trades. It also does a great job of tracking options for gold members. With the tagging system you’ll have the clearest picture of your trading than ever before.

If your not already a member of tradervue and you decide you want to become one, and you would like to give me credit, click this link here and purchase within 14 days of clicking.