To Teach People Systematic Trading. To Help Them Become Full Time Traders By Learning Our System, Learning How To Apply It To Their Own, Or Create Their Own  And Then Overcome The Psychologic Hurdles That Come With Trading.


Systematic Trading Gives Traders A Quantifiable Edge And I Am Committed To Helping Traders Achieve This. In Addition To, I Specialize in Trading Options On Large Cap Stocks Because I Can Define And Limit My Risk, Therefore Leaving Unlimited Gain Potential. Big Money Leaves BIG Footprints, All Over The Place. To Find Their Footprints, You Have To Understand How They Trade. They Use Computers, Algorithms, Traders, Fundamental analysis, Technical Analysis, Volume, Price And Time. They Only Operate With Systematic Trading, They Have To, That’s What Makes Their System Repeatable, But It Also Makes Them Predictable. They Go To Great Lengths To Hide Their Footprints, But Their Are Things They Just Cant Hide. I’ve Developed My Systematic Trading Plan Around These Footprints. This Gives Me The Ability To Get In When The Algos Get In, And To Stay In Until The Algos Are Selling. And My Purpose Is To Teach You How To Do The Exact Same Thing! 

Watch The Video Below For A Quick Explanation Of What Smash’s Systematic Trading Can Do For You!


Learn How To Think Like a Trader. Manage Risk. Systematic Trading. That’s all that matters. Do that well and the money will come. I’ve developed a powerful system, with entry and exit criteria, filters and triggers, not discretion and emotion. If I can’t program it, I don’t trade it. I grade myself on whether I followed the system or not, not on money, so I know EXACTLY what I did wrong or what I did right on every trade. I am here to help you do the same, Master Systematic Trading. Here Is How: 

Define Your System

Quantify Your System

Execute Your System

Track Your System

Refine Your System

Excellence In Execution

 Psychology of Trading

Trading Error Free

Quantifiable Edge

Algorithmic Options Trading


Daily Recap (Open Mic QA)

1-3 Hour Meeting

Live Trading Session (Screen Share Before, During, and After Trades & Open Mic QA On Last Half)

2-3 Hour Meetting

Week Ahead Meeting… Prepare For The Week Ahead & Open Mic QA

1-2 Hour Meeting

Total Of 4-6 Hours A Day, 5 Days A Week, We Have Screen Share Open Mic QA’s With Our Members To Speed The Learning Curve.

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