Think like a trader. Manage Risk. Systematically Trade. That’s all that matters. Do that well and the money will come.

I’ve developed a powerful system, with entry and exit criteria, filters and triggers, not discretion and emotion. If I can’t program it, I don’t trade it. I grade myself on whether I followed the system or not, not on money, so I know EXACTLY what I did wrong or what I did right on every trade. Keeping in check to Systematically Trade.

I primarily trade options on large cap stocks because I can define and limit my risk while leaving unlimited Gain potential. Big Money leaves BIG footprints, all over the place. To find their footprints, you have to understand how they trade. They use computers, algorithms, traders, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, volume, price and time. They systematically trade, they have to, that’s what makes their system repeatable, but it also makes them predictable. They go to great lengths to hide their footprints, but their are things they just cant hide. I’ve developed my systematic trading plan around these footprints. This gives me the ability to get in when the algos get in, and to stay in until the algos are selling. Check out the video on the right of this, to get a taste of what its like to be in a group of great traders.

Video above shows Systematic Trading at its finest!


Frequently asked questions



If I cant program it, I wont use it. That's systematic trading. A series of IF THEN statements. IF $SPX closes daily under 2985 THEN Exit all longs and short pops. I don't make decisions on feelings. I have a system, that is clearly defined, with rules and criteria, based on statistics, math, data or time, for entries and exits. This helps focus on the setup and not on discretion.


Our Pro Trader program has extensive videos that explain step by step how to systematically trade. Smash also has Live Trading Sessions Monday-Friday where he goes over his precise entries and analysis of the market. Also Monday-Thursday there is an opportunity to hop on screen share with Smash and everyone in the Pro Trader program to analyze and critique personal trades for better results in the future. Last but not least, we also have a week ahead meeting on Sundays where Smash goes over the market and what he expects for the week! All in all we are here for you every step of the way to help you systematically trade!


In the Pro Trader program you will get screen share and daily recaps. You will also get full recordings of every days action for you to review at your convenience and to be coached daily. There is also beginner/Intermediate/Advanced videos archived for you to watch whenever you have free time to learn as well! With all these together you can get a similar experience to being there live. You will also learn how to systematically trade options to swing trade, cap your risk, without having to manage your positions throughout the day.


First of all. The PDT rule ONLY applies to margin accounts, In other words, there is no PDT rule with a cash account. Option funds settle T+1. So the funds settle overnight. Trade as much as you like. You can scale in until you run out of cash and scale out all you want. You will finally be able to practice all of these concepts that you've studied so much about. Trading options does not take a lot of capital. For example, a 2K account could enter 10 or more options trades before running out of cash. All profits or losses with be reflected the next morning before you trade. So if you made $200, your $2000 account will open with $2200 in cash to trade with.


I have many extensive lessons in tape reading, level 2, level 3, volume profile, Ice berg orders and more. Watch me trade live via screen share and learn the tricks of the trade. Members of the Pro Trader service have access to the recordings of all the live action every day. Each recording is packed with lessons on all of this and more as I talk through every trade, live, explaining the thought process, the tape and more. Both services also have a library of tape reading lessons.


I have video lessons that cover every piece of how I systematically trade from small caps to large. With every setup and concept like risk management, working a core, triggers, stops etc. I primarily trade options now as they provide the best tools for managing risk with unlimited gains.

What Are Members Saying

Best Way to Reach Smash Is Twitter


I'm blown away by the system. I'm still learning alot about it. Here's my thoughts and an explanation of what the service includes. By the way, there is no referral program or anything, so I get nothing for encouraging you to join. I've just always shared with you guys anything of value that I have found throughout my trading journey.

  1. In the most basic terms, the calcs are a mathematical model that calculates the slope or trend of a stock to plot levels of support and resistance. The reason it works so well is because the bots are programmed to use math. Big institutions that have billions of dollars use this method in order to buy and sell such large positions for the best price possible. The math they trade around creates the trends we see in hindsight when doing technical analysis.
  2. If you Join the Pro-Trader Program and pay month to month, you get full access to the extensive video library, live trading zoom sessions each morning, as well as meetings 5 days a week. Smash also provides the calc levels for use in TradeStation each week. I highly recommend using TradeStation if possible, but you can also use the model in TOS, Tradingview and some other charting programs.
  3. The meetings are the best part of the service and provide you the fastest path to success. This is where members and Smash meet up to discuss trades, the market, etc. Its a great opportunity to have your trades critiqued by Smash and the community, and to ask any questions you have. These are very interactive, open mic meetings. Like nothing I have ever seen before and worth every penny. We meet Mondays and Wednesdays for one hour before market close for power hour and often trade SPX ODTE Options during the meeting. Tuesday and Thursday meetings are at 10 pm EST and Sunday meetings for the week ahead are at 10 pm EST
  4. If you join and decide you like the service and community, you will become a life time member after 1 year of paying monthly. The alternative is that you can buy into the Market Masters with a single payment and you will instantly become a member for life. Once your'e in the master program, you get full access to the calc model and the math behind it so that you can model your own stocks if you like.

In summary, the service has incredible value with everything it offers. But more importantly, the system Smash trades is hands down the best I've seen. The calcs are only part of the system. There is so much more in terms of the setups, criteria, and other things that provide a completely systematic approach to help you validate every trade you take. Everything from the trade setups, entry rules, exit rules, and every other aspect of trading is 100% defined and systematic. I strongly recommend you dive into the system 100%. Get TradeStation set up your charts and everything else EXACTLY as Smash Does, and commit to ONLY trading in the System. If you really commit yourself to learning the System and doing everything exactly as he does, you will find success much easier to achieve. I would also recommend just watching the Live Trading for the first week or two. Don't even try to trade at all. Sit back and watch how he explains and executes things every day. Also, show up to the meetings. If you want to take this job seriously, this is where you need to be.


I just have to say a huge thanks to SmashTheBid and his system he's built. I've done well for myself as a discretionary trader over the years, but joining Smash has been career - and quite frankly - life changing for me. I was able to lock in the most profitable trade of my career trading options on SPX by using a rule based and 100% systematic process. In the past I was taught trading FOMC days was gambling, but our system was already giving a buy signal before the catalyst. Using options, we were able to put on risk at the right time and never outside of the risk goals for out accounts. As a scalper I never thought It would be possible to capture such a large move, but here I am today having caught almost a 100 point rip on SPX.

Alex Beer'me

Sipping on my coffee, listening the hum of my space heater as it radiated warmth, I opened my trading platform, and just sat there looking at my balance. Amazed. To date it's the largest single day in my relatively short trading career and way more then I thought I could ever make in the market. The weird part about looking at the balance, was: I didnt just see a spike in my fledgling wealth. What I saw was the fruits of months of learning a system, picking out what resonated best with me and a focus on being as flawless as possible while executing those trades. As much as Smash would Like us to take his system and make it our own, everything I do entering, maintaining, and exiting trades was found in his system. Gone are the clicky-clicky days of trying to guess which way price will break, chasing after big moves, and scanning Twitter for what I should be looking at next to HOPEfully make money. Within Smash's system, I found what works for me, and what works for me is solely watching SPX (the power hour one) and waiting for my preferred trades to set up.


Really grateful for this room and everyone in it, thanks to all of you who share and help out religiously. Righ as I joined I got put on a huge project at work that has kept me off most of the meetings and stopped me from trading most days. But I have been reviewing the video library and watching all the recording and reading all the chats. If I didn't find this room I would have quit with the losses I took previously. I have learned so much already, and can point out my past mistakes. You guys all rock, thank you everyone and can't wait to participate more!

LadyTrader @Lady_Trader11

I have been trading for about 3 years now and I have had a TON of ups and downs... I have chased other forms of trading... tried completely just forgetting about it. LIterally have been so very frustrated countless times over the years. I have blown 3 accounts lol well 6 months ago Smash said something to me that hit home. (I am sure he had said it a million times before) but he said, "Trading is a Business. Treat is as such. And Take Excellence in Execution." This completely has trasformed my trading. I focused on grading the trade, taking the setup, and really nailed down my action and trigger items. 6 months later I am so excited to say that I FINALLY had my first almost 2 weeks without any stop losses, zero trading errors, and my account is up nearly 80% in 2 weeks. I FINALLY see the importance of learning Smash's system and systematic trading, and let me tell ya... It's magical lol. I still have a LONG way to go, but this was a huge step for me! Thanks for all that you do Smash!


I had a great morning with SPX and NVDA trading, the commentary and trading here is excellent, thanks!



Hey Smash, just wanted to drop you a quick line and say thankyou for everything you do. I'm a fly on the wall in most of the live sessions and not active as I am running other businesses during the day. You have transformed my trading in the short time I have been here and I'm very grateful for that. After being a breakeven trader for 2 years now I'm finally finding consistency. Going Full time and retiring my other businesses is my goal and I'm confident ill get there here using this system. Couldn't be more happier. Cheers!


I took off for the afternoon, range was calling my name again. Was a little bit of a frustrating morning with poor executions but who gives, will jot it all down later. Happy as f*** to be here and trading systematically for once, can finally pinpoint my mistakes. Cheers everyone.

AllDayFaders @team3dstocks

I know I mentioned him a ton of times, but Smashthebid is the man. Dude does some next level shit with options. Also a data driven guy so you already know everything he'll tell you is bases on facts and not "guesses". So all guys interested in options, check him out!

Bubbles2323 @wfhtrader

My 1st day with Smash in the room and banked $4k with confidence. This guy has so much content to offer any trader! Just do it...

Delgado @mr_cdelgado

Smashthebid taught me everything there is to know about price action. He taught me how to build a proper system regardless of what specific trading setup I'm trading. The way he enters into positions has a lot to do with how I enter. Lots more for just 1 tweet.

Nguyen @Chi_Nguyen89

Your room is hands down underrated.

Mike O @TheUKChamp

Top two hour meeting just now. Great members and great mentor, all contributing great content. Thank you Smashthebid + memebers.


Smashthebid thank you for the introduction to playing off the 20/200. Made a world of a difference today. My first day not in red in a couple weeks. Still over traded, but feeling better.

Hatry @Hatry9999

First day in the room, tons of value listening to you talk through trades. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

TexTrading @tex_trading

Smash is a solid guy. The only true professional trader I've seen that has a Quantitative trading system that actually works. The math doesn't lie. Good stuff bro.


Kingcandy @KingCandyCoding

Using my favorite MA's and 5 minute price action to catch a nice short on TSLA this morning. Would not be possible without two great mentors. Smashthebid and Jtraderco.

P3_Trader @P3Trader

I'm getting a Smash vibe on this tweet! Smashthebid teaches 'The bid boys are really good at what they do and they never lose!' Gotta pay attention to what they do.

Willie Sonichsen @WSonichsen

Just re-watched the 1st full hour of trading. This was systematic trading to perfection. Following the rules regardless of feelings is exactly the way to trade professionally. It might be many months before I'd consider trading, but degrees take years not months. Great teaching.

Mr K @Kristaps_EQ

Check Smashthebid out if you are looking for a good options service.


Took a 15m LPCH Trade this am. 1st profit target was a $1.00 premium, had a stop loss set $.40 below that. Got stopped out. Overall had a good week. Probably my best week to date. Thank you for everything Smashthebid. I am excited to continue learning and & growing as a trader.


Your system has completely changed my trading as well btw. I never used to take time into account. I've only been with you for a week now and already I've seen some incredible improvement. Thank you for teaching us!

Delgado @mr_cdelgado

Stats for this week. Nail and bail. Small gains add up. Wire out half for some walking around money and keep some to build the account. Only possible because of Smashthebid and jtraderco.

Bigdaddydeester @bigdaddydeester

Yeah he's awesome, he will not only make you a great options trader but a better trader overall. Most out there are teaching how to hold onto and manage short trades but not many teach how to long and hold and add to catch parabolic squeezes like he does.


I have been in more rooms then I would like to admit. Many of them were run by genuinely terrible people. Smash is one of the few good ones. He puts in a ton of time and I've never seen someone repeat things so patiently over and over as much as people need to hear them!

Gmoney @357Tradingco

I do what Smasthebid does just not as good. But it is reassuring to have him kicking as like he does. I can see my game improving slowly and consistently. Another sweet week.


Oh holy f***, 3.5 to 27 dollars a contract, I think I am done trading today. Smashthebid thanks for helping me see the short haha


Really grateful to be here, almost a year since I came back to this chat and amazing group of people. Can't imagine trading a day without you guys and gals.

Davis Trades @DavisTrades

Two keys for success. Additionally, mentorship has been instrumental to my growth as a trader/investor. Smash has spent countless hours with me going over my trades, strategies, and thoughts, guiding me to create my own system and develop my own style. Get one!


I've been in 3 different chatrooms before and I've never seen this Great talks and Master Classes as Smash does everyday. He really loves and transmits his knowledge. Thanks Smash!

Dino Rivera @ARivera203

Watching Smashthebid handle his triggers are so priceless there will be another trade wait for the setup!!!!

Tom @LDaytrade

This was just a minute from One meeting... There is so much Gold in EVERY SINGLE meeting you just have to show up and listen, leave the ego at the door.

Dan @Skydivetrader1

Exactly brother! It's taking me a longer time than I hoped to go through the videos and actually absorb the information while I still work, but there's no lack of top quality content and explanations there just needs time and dedication.


Smasthebid called AMZN perfectly sheesh really amazed on how you do it daily #salute.

Gmoney @357TradingCo

Well cheer the f*** up. Cause Smash shit works. I made a MAJOR stride today. All mental. Got in at proper time and didn't ask for too much on the trade. About 30% gain on OTM Spy Call.

Shaka @_shaka_zulu_

If you aren't following smash you should be.


SmashTheBid your 123 Reversals are money on the 5 min. It payed like 80% of my plays this week.

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